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100% Online Anonymity + Guaranteed Protection

Keep your browsing history private
Blazing fast speeds with no bandwidth limits
Protect up to 7 devices with one subscription
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Online Privacy
Protect online privacy by hiding all your online activities from your ISPs.
Free Access
Break geo-restriction, get secure and private access from anywhere, to anywhere.
Fast Speed
Ensure fast and stable network with high-speed servers across 100+ locations worldwide.
Fast to Unblock Content
sub1 Free and uninterrupted streaming
Connect to the global network and bypass any restrictions. You can watch restricted content anywhere, anytime on your iOS devices.
sub2 Region-locked games
Freely play those region-locked games on iPhone or iPad. You"ll enjoy easy, fast and secure online-game experience.
sub3 Restricted social media
Access various blocked social media. Stay connected with your friends and families in some censored countries.
Safety and security
Powerful internet privacy.
Keep your internet activity hidden from anyone watching. This includes your ISP, hackers, advertisers, and the government.
ishark VPN encrypts your online traffic and hides your real IP address, whether you’re streaming, torrenting, gaming, shopping, banking, or simply browsing.
No one will know who you are or your real location.
Multiple platforms and devices
Protect all of your devices
You’ll enjoy online privacy and security on every platform. There’s a isharkVPN application for iOS and Android. Best of all, with one iShark account, you can secure up to multiple devices at the same time.
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Find servers where you need them
No matter where you are in the world, a high-speed VPN connection is available with isharkvpn.
VPN locations
country United States 100+servers
country Canada 50+servers
country Mexico 80+servers
country Brazil 40+servers
country France 120+servers
country England 90+servers
country Spain 70+servers
country Germany 40+servers
country Italy 15+servers
country Saudi Arabia 15+servers
country Russia 15+servers
country Korea 15+servers
country Japan 15+servers
country India 15+servers
country Singapore 15+servers
country Indonesia 15+servers
country Australia 15+servers
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Frequently Asked Questions
How to register your website
Our products do not need to be registered, just download and use
Are your products free to use?
Yes our product is free to use
How to download your application
You can download it directly from the appstore
What can I do with a VPN?
A VPN can be used in a number of ways to protect your privacy, and give you access to a safer online experience. A VPN can:
a Protect you against ISP monitoring
b Protect your confidential information and safely connect to any WiFi
c Obtain cheaper Online shopping deals/ cheaper Flight tickets
d Watch free streaming TV in other countries
e Beat the hackers
f Download/Share files anonymously
Can I use a VPN on mobile? Why would I want to?
The use of a VPN service should not be limited to computers and laptops. Our smartphones and tablets are constantly connected to the Internet, exchanging data, syncing contacts, social media accounts and other profiles. We’ve got sensitive data we want to safeguard from hackers and snoops on our smartphone or tablets , especially when using unsecured public WiFi networks.