What is VPN server
A VPN server is a secure remote server that relays your data safely through the internet. It is a unique combination of hardware and proprietary software, making it much more advanced than simple remote servers. VPN servers may be further customized for specific tasks, such as P2P file sharing or Tor access.

VPN server infrastructure is essential to your online security, privacy, and comfort.For example, servers close to your actual location often guarantee the best connection speed and streaming quality.This is why it’s important to have a wide variety of up- to - date VPN servers spread across the globe.
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    Fast connection speed

    At least a single 1 Gbps port is available on every server while new 10 Gbps ports are added every day.

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    100% RAM-only servers

    All servers run on the most recent software updates, do not store any data, and are wiped occasionally.

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    Protocol support

    Our whole server network supports secure and trusted Wireguard, IKEv2, and OpenVPN protocols.

Our Full List of VPN Servers

    Private DNS
    Camouflage Mode
    WireGuard/ IPSec/IKEv2
    Extension support

    Connect to isharkVPN servers with ease

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      Great speeds
      VPN speed depends a lot on how close you are to the server. Having a server is almost guaranteed by iShark’s large roster, most of which have at least a single 1 Gbps port, and many being upgraded to 10 Gbps.
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      No data collection
      iShark servers are configured to work in tandem with our no-logs policy. Their RAM-only nature ensures that they completely reset as soon as the servers are updated or disconnected from power.
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      All protocols support all servers
      Worried about whether the server you want to connect to will support your choice of VPN protocol? Worry not! Whether you’re using WireGuard, IKEv2, or OpenVPN (TCP or UDP), you can connect to any server without any issues.
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      Private browsing
      With a VPN app, all your online data will be encrypted. That way, it will be protected from theft and snooping, as well as making you a lot harder to track.

    Why choose isharkVPN?

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      Trusted Server technology

      Audited to confirm essential privacy protections, TrustedServer sets a new standard for security.

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      Get set up right away

      Connecting to ExpressVPN is quick and easy. Just sign up, download, and connect with the tap of a button!

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      Unblock the website you love

      Access your favorite content free of censorship. Unblock Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more.

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      Browse more anonymously

      Change your device’s IP address and location so that websites cannot use that data to identify you.

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      Stream videos and music

      Enjoy Netflix, Hulu, BBC, Spotify, and more—with privacy, security, and blazing-fast speeds.

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      24/7 Customer Support

      Get in touch anytime over live chat or email. We guarantee a fast response in multiple languages.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    How to register your website
    Our products do not need to be registered, just download and use
    Are your products free to use?
    Yes our product is free to use
    How to download your application
    You can download it directly from the appstore
    What can I do with a VPN?
    A VPN can be used in a number of ways to protect your privacy, and give you access to a safer online experience. A VPN can:
    a Protect you against ISP monitoring
    b Protect your confidential information and safely connect to any WiFi
    c Obtain cheaper Online shopping deals/ cheaper Flight tickets
    d Watch free streaming TV in other countries
    e Beat the hackers
    f Download/Share files anonymously
    Can I use a VPN on mobile? Why would I want to?
    The use of a VPN service should not be limited to computers and laptops. Our smartphones and tablets are constantly connected to the Internet, exchanging data, syncing contacts, social media accounts and other profiles. We’ve got sensitive data we want to safeguard from hackers and snoops on our smartphone or tablets , especially when using unsecured public WiFi networks.

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