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Using VPN to Access Moko Coal Exchange Platform in China

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2023-08-04 17:04:07

The Moko Coal Exchange platform, as an emerging digital currency exchange, has attracted a growing number of investors to participate.

However, when accessing the Moko platform in China, users may encounter restrictions due to geographical blockades and policy limitations, preventing direct access to the platform.

To address this issue, many users have turned to Virtual Private Networks (VPN) to bypass regional restrictions and enjoy the convenience of accessing the Moko platform within China.

This article will introduce the reasons for the restrictions on accessing the Moko Coal Exchange platform in China, provide practical steps for using VPN to access the platform, and recommend VPN services.

It will also emphasize the importance of using VPN legally to protect personal privacy and comply with relevant regulations.

Reasons for Restrictions on Accessing the Moko Coal Exchange Platform in China

The restrictions on accessing the Moko Coal Exchange platform in China primarily stem from two factors: geographical blockades and policy limitations. Firstly, since the Moko platform's servers are located overseas, the domestic network is often unable to access these servers directly, resulting in geographical blockades.

Secondly, due to regulatory policies governing digital currency exchange platforms in China, some platforms may be blocked or restricted, making it difficult for domestic users to access the Moko platform through conventional means.

Practical Steps for Using VPN to Access the Moko Platform

The following are practical steps for users in China to access the Moko Coal Exchange platform using VPN:

Choose a Suitable VPN Service Provider: Users should select a reputable VPN service provider. Considering the Moko platform's overseas orientation, users should opt for a VPN with overseas servers, high-speed performance, and stability to ensure smooth access to the Moko platform.

Download and Install the VPN Application: Depending on the user's phone model and operating system version, they should select an appropriate VPN application and proceed to download and install it.

Connect to an Overseas VPN Server: After launching the VPN application, users should connect to a VPN server located overseas.

By doing so, their IP address will be simulated to appear as if they are located overseas, bypassing regional restrictions and enabling access to the Moko Coal Exchange platform.

Verify VPN Connection and Access the Moko Platform: Once successfully connected to the VPN server, users can verify the VPN connection's status.

They can then open the Moko platform application and proceed with digital currency transactions.

Importance of Using VPN Legally to Protect Personal Privacy and Comply with Regulations

While accessing the Moko Coal Exchange platform using VPN, users should adhere to the following guidelines to ensure legal usage, personal privacy protection, and compliance with relevant regulations:

Comply with Local Laws and Regulations: Users should be aware of the regulations concerning VPN usage in their respective regions to ensure their actions are lawful.

Choose a Legitimate VPN Service Provider: Users should select a legitimate VPN service provider to safeguard personal privacy.

Adhere to Platform Policies: When engaging in digital currency transactions on the Moko platform, users should comply with the platform's rules and policies, avoiding any unauthorized activities.


Using VPN can help Chinese users bypass regional restrictions and access the Moko Coal Exchange platform freely.

Selecting a suitable VPN service provider, connecting to overseas VPN servers, and complying with local regulations and platform policies are essential for smooth digital currency transactions on the Moko platform.

Additionally, users should prioritize protecting personal privacy, using VPN legally, and ensuring the security of their digital assets and transactions.

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